Exhibitor Info

The County Fair showcases the best in all of us – all of our talent, hard work and imagination. If you have lived here long enough you know that what you see displayed, what you learn, what you touch and eat tells you that life is good and that we believe that we are in the right place and it feels like home.

Exhibiting is a great way to be a part of the Fair. So break out your baking pans, take a look in your garden, put pen to paper, brush to canvas or eye to camera and become an exhibitor. Exhibits range from art to livestock, baked goods to produce, flowers to shoes. Enter your special items to compete for prize money and ribbons and also receive a discounted pass to the Fair.

Check out our Premium Book with detailed information about exhibitor classes and entries. Click on links below for entry form.  Pdf for download and print only.  Word doc for filling out on line, print and /or email.



*Exhibitor forms and tags are also available after July 1st at local libraries, the WSU extension office, and the fair administrative office.


  1. No person may act as judge in any division or class in which there is any direct or indirect interest in the result. If such judging and if awards are made in violation of this rule, the Fair Board reserves the right to revoke the awards made and appoint a new judge and to compel another examination.
  2. No one other than the department superintendent is allowed to confer with the judge during a contest.
  3. Any person interfering with the judging during the adjudication of the awards will forfeit all rights to any ribbons and/or premium money which may have been awarded.
  4. In case of a protest, a written statement clearly setting forth the reasons for the protest must be filed with the San Juan County Fair Board within 24 hours of judging.
  5. No exhibitor or judge will be allowed to see the entry books until after the awards have been made and entered therein, and thereafter no change, addition or deletion will be permitted.
  6. Only animals or articles entitled to premiums as listed in the premium book will be judged although judges may commend other exhibits which they deem worthy.